To Our Patients
We are here to provide you with the eye care you need. We have established fees and payment policies that enable us to have the quality staff and facilities that are necessary to provide the care you expect. This explanation of our payment policies has been prepared so that you can help us maintain quality services. Our payment policies are designed to enable us to reduce unnecessary collection cost which would otherwise increase the cost to our patients. We know that insurance costs are confusing to everyone. However, by understanding your insurance plan and our policies, you will avoid surprises regarding payment.

Your Responsibility for Charges
You are ultimately responsible for the payment of services you receive. We rely on the accuracy of information you provide to determine if a third party will be responsible for payment. If you will be paying for services, or if you are responsible for a deductible or co-payment, we expect payment at the time services are rendered. We accept cash, personal checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Care Credit.

If payment is to be made through an insurance or medical plan that we have an agreed assignment with, then you are responsible for complying with all procedures required by that plan to enable us to receive payment on your behalf. To assure your insurance benefits, we may ask to confirm information and check eligibility prior to appointment date.

You are responsible for payment of any non-covered services by your insurance plans. If a patient is put on collection for non-payment, there is an additional collection fee of $20.00. We also charge a returned check fee of $25.00.
Medical or Vision Insurance

Insurance plans differentiate between “medical” and “vision” problems. Most medical insurance plan do not pay for “vision services”. Most vision plans do not pay for "medical" problems. While some medical problems are obvious, when you have an eye problem, it may be almost impossible for you to know if it’s a “vision” or “medical” problem. If you have a medical problem, we can file a claim with your medical plan. If you simply need an eye exam for glasses, this is usually a “vision” service. It would not be covered by a “medical” plan. It would be covered if you have a “vision” rider or separate vision plan.

Insurance Plans

Your insurance company determines what they will or will not pay for. We rely on what an insurance company representative tells us to make an initial determination of coverage. Subsequent decisions are made by your insurance company. For covered surgery or office procedures, we will file insurance for you. Co-pay is expected at time of service. Co-pay bill service fee is $25.00. For self-pay office services, we expect full payment from you at the time services are rendered. Please discuss payment arrangement with office manager.

In order for our services to be covered under your plan, you must comply with your plan’s requirements. If a written referral plan is required by your plan, you must provide such referral before the service is provided. If you do not have a valid referral form at the time of our visit, it will be necessary for you to pay for services at the time of the visit or reschedule your visit.

We currently accept the following as our primary carriers:
  • Medicare
  • United Healthcare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Neighborhood Health Plan of RI
  • Tricare
  • Cigna
  • Tufts
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • VSP Vison Plan
  • EyeMed Vision Plan
  • RI Medicaid

Refraction Service and Fee




Neighborhood Health Plan
Eye med
Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare
TUFTS health Plan
Executive office of health and human services
United Health Care
Care Credit
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